I am an artist and educator based in Oxfordshire. My practice is situated in and beyond the realm of light and time based image making. My interest is as much in process as it is in subject.

My current art practice is an experimental exploration of the material possibilities of photography and the intersection between the representational and the abstract. Rather than using photography to capture images ‘out there’ that represent something external, I’m interested in how images might emerge from the photographic process itself and express something of the nature of the materials used. I’m particularly interested in contact, how material photography can capture and articulate a physical presence. I’m excited by the alchemy of early and alternative photographic processes. There is a magic at work that surpasses the technicality of the process and taps directly into the imagination. 

Underlying my work is my need to be sustainable and to acknowledge my individual responsibility to my community and the wider world. I work as part of an interdisciplinary community of artists interested in finding more sustainable approaches to art making, with an emphasis on reducing environmental impact and developing ecologies of sustainable practice.

My practice is informed and supported through the integration of my artist-teacher identities. My teaching draws on both pedagogic and andragogic strategies to co-create the learning environment. I am committed to the value art brings to both individuals and communities, not just engagement with works of art but more so, the practice of art. I am particularly interested in the role art practice can play in developing analytical thinking, critical discourse, political awareness and places of connection in the wider community.


Following a 20yr+ career as a professional photographer I completed a PGDip(Ed) Artist Teacher Scheme and recently graduated with a Master of Fine Art in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University. From 2011-2017 I worked as Module Leader of Photography at Bellerbys College Oxford, teaching Foundation and A Level courses and I now teach A Level Photography at d’Overbroecks Sixth Form College. I am also involved with Fusion Arts in running a community darkroom in east Oxford and run workshops exploring a wide range of photographic practices.

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