Exhibition is up and ready

My work for the current group show ‘Evolving Forces’ is finally ready and on the wall. This experimental installation again explores mixing separate works to develop new interpretations and this time focuses on connections between my artist and teacher identities.

Image of 5 artworks
MA in Education Interim Show

The Cyanotype prints at either end were created as my students experimented with the Cyanotype process. I put paper sheets down for them to work on and as they coated paper and other materials they left these wonderful abstract layered patterns on the paper which I then processed and framed. I see these as portraits of me as a teacher, evidence of making, evidence of learning.

The three images in the middle are from a long term project called ‘Something borrowed, something….’ and are images taken of found objects I observe on my regular daily journey from home to work and back. These objects are all blue. I consider all my works as representations of me as an artist, self portraits of sorts.

I have brought these works together to explore new connections and interpretations of understanding that will evolve for me as these works exist together in a shared space.