Some images from the OVADA Exhibition

Some images from the group show at OVADA last week.

The show was a great success with approx 300 visitors over the weekend. We all enjoyed the collaborative experience and the challenge of working in the OVADA space. A big thanks to Lucy and all the team at OVADA for their help and support.

We came together as a group through the MA in Education (Artist Teacher Scheme) at Oxford Brookes University (we are all in our second year) and although we all have very different focuses in our creative work, as a group we found lots of common ground in our objectives.

This has been my first significant show for some time and it has highlighted some key point for me in regard to using the exhibition process to focus and motivate my making and also the value of working with others. This was a particularly successful collaboration in my view, I’ve never worked quite in this way before so having such a positive experience has been a great benefit.

For the time being, I have to focus on more imminent deadlines such as Oxfordshire ArtWeeks but I am looking forward to an opportunity for us to get together as a group again in the future.