I offer a range of visual arts workshops using photographic images as the starting point to explore process and making. I work across and am particularly interested in combining digital technology and analogue materials. Photocopiers, digital bluetooth printers, mobile phone cameras and iPads are combined with 35mm slide and OHP projectors, found postcards, holiday brochures and alternative photographic processes such as cyanotypes, photograms and chemigrams to create fantastical images of the imagination.

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Up-coming workshops

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Recent workshops

6th Feb 2020
OVADA Gallery – Chemigram workshop. An experimental process working with photographic paper and developing chemicals to make experimental and abstract images more akin to paintings than photographs. No experience necessary, all materials provided.

28th September 2019
FusionArts Darkroom – World Cyanotype Day Workshop. Exploring the beautiful blue of the cyanotype process taking an creative and experimental approach to both the process and subject.

24th August 2019
FusionArts Darkroom – Eco Photography; workshop exploring experimental developer using ingredients commonly found in the kitchen cupboard, coffee, soup, juice.

23rd August 2019
FusionArts/Basis – Alternative Photographic Processes workshop for international students.

5th August 2019
FusionArts/Parasol – Collage workshop making ‘Parasols Pounds’ imaginary money to be used as part of Parasols Drama Performance.

4th August 2019
FusionArts Darkroom – Making Creative use of the darkroom; an introduction to Cyanotype, Photogram and Chemigram processes for creative image making.

30th July 2019
Tower PlayBase – Cyanotype/Collage project for 8-12yrs focusing on the theme ‘me’.

28th April 2019
FusionArts Darkroom – World Pinhole Day workshop – build your own pinhole camera, take images and develop them in the darkroom.

9th Nov 2018
Pitt Rivers – Teachers CPD Workshop ‘Alternative Scapes’ exploring the landscape of the ‘other’.

24th August 2018
Fusion Arts – ‘Exposing the Invisible’ Cyanotype workshop. Looking at the unique properties of the Cyanotype process, it’s use of UV (non-visible) light and its relationship to objects.

18th August 2018
Arts at The Old Fire Station – ‘Alternative Scapes’ collage workshop exploring the narrative of family holidays through 35mm slide film images, postcards and holiday brochures.

13/14th August 2018
Fusion Arts/Parasol Projects – Collage & Cyanotype, identity focused workshops transforming the concept of selfie images through collaging, drawing and printing.

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